• WAYWARD COURIER - A Honj Espoz Story

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    Espoz Express: Galactic Courier Services is as legitimate as any private freighter...in the Outer Rim. Pirates, syndicates and gangsters control the region but owner and operator, Honj Espoz, makes due as best he can while the Galactic Empire tightens its grip on the outlying systems. A good business man and pilot knows when to trust his instincts, and when a check-in on an old flame puts him on a trail of destruction pointing to the Empire, his life changes in an instant. Can Honj get his found family back together in time to save all that he loves?

    Cover Art: Greg Bain

    Cover Layout/Editing: Joseph Perry

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    John Knyff is a lifelong Star Wars fan, who has worked within the entertainment industry on fan-films and prop making for over a decade and a half. He has also loved classic cars for nearly as long. Those two passions lead to the creation of Honj Espoz and the Dirty Girl, which are the two pillars on which Wayward Courier was built. As a member of the Outer Rim Guild Costume Club and the Outer Rim Sabacc League, he can often be found bringing Honj to life in a local cantina where he is always happy to chat about his creative work and Star Wars in general.